Il Boy Wonder

febbraio 29, 2008

27.II.2007 Universal Parallel

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– C’mon. I want to know.
– Want to know what, exactly?
– What it was like.
– It was like sex. What else could it be like?
– Was it like good sex or was it like bad sex?
– What’s the difference?

– You know the difference.
– Look, we’re okay now. We just had a nice time. Let’s leave it at that.
– Okay, that’s cool, okay. But the nice time we just had… was it nicer, as nice, or less nice than the nice times you were having a couple of weeks ago?

Oh, c’mon, Laura. Just say something. Lie, if you want. It’d stop me asking you questions and it’d make me feel better.
– Well I was gonna lie and now I can’t, because you’d know I was lying.
– Well why the fuck would you want to lie, anyway?
– To make you feel better.

– Oh, great…
– Look, Rob. If great sex was an important as you think it is, and if I was having great sex with him, then we wouldn’t be lying here now.And that is my last word on the subject, ok?


– I wish your penis was as big as his, though.


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